Beyond The BioData – The Priya Shah Way

All clients who register with us are thoroughly vetted and scanned. From thereon the true work begins.

Priya doesn’t simply scan photos and the paper profile. She personally meets, greets, understands, probes and vetts the prospective bride and groom as well as their family members. She doesn’t rely on a relationship manager but takes on each client herself. She pieces together things, attributes and traits beyond what’s on paper and understands the family dynamics and environment in order to suggest the most suitable match.

Once this exhaustive and intensive process is over, Priya then goes about talking to each client’s best match and puts together a case on why these two people are best suited. While options are given aplenty, most clients have realised that eventually Priya’s strongest recommendation is 99% the one they end up choosing.

Priya goes beyond the paper profile and transparently discusses the true scenario so that two people and two families go into a union with their eyes wide open and with complete honesty. She doesn’t shy away from the truth no matter what as for her retaining a match is more important than mechanically putting people together.

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